• "Enigma Reloaded"
  • "Enigma Reloaded"


The Enigma Event  started in 2014, originated from an idea jointly developed by the Marine Museum of La Spezia, Italy, and the Cultural Association “Rover Joe” (Fidenza, PR, Italy), as  an international  event linked to an Encryption exhibition organized in conjunction with another cultural event, the “European Researchers Night” .
A significant  support in the organization of this event was given by  A.R.I., the Italian Radio Amateur League .
The event was also supported by other Italian and foreign associations and cultural institutions, and was widely
followed in terms of international participation and interest. 

The main idea behind the Enigma event is to involve  people all over the world, and specifically young people, in focusing their attention on the  importance of the scientific research in general and specifically on cryptography, as main driver of most of the crucial events at the end of World War II, even considering their impact both on history and on the present world’s life.

The tool chosen to make this event happen is Radio, operated by international amateur radio stations.

Project and implementation

Coordination and governance  :
Technical Naval Museum of La Spezia


Technical Naval Museum of La Spezia - Italy

Cultural Association Rover Joe – Fidenza (PR) - Italy
A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club - Italian Amateur Radio League
A.R.M.I. – Military Marine  Radio Amateur  Association


The main goal of the Enigma Event is to promote as much radioamateur’s activity  as possible all over the world, celebrating the history of the Enigma cipher machine and its crucial role in the final outcome of World War II,  spreading the knowledge of those key people, who contributed to  the decryption of secret , encrypted messages transmitted by the German army during WW II.

The organizers encourage the participation of as many  radioamateur stations in the world as possible, and  promote the organization of conferences, seminars and cultural activities to achieve the core objectives of the event.

As “Activating Stations” are meant those radio stations, installed by the organizers and combined with a real Enigma machine, which will have been registered on the official event website : www.enigma-reloaded.it (List A) as described below.

The Enigma Event 2017 will take place in two steps :

Step 1 :  From September 22nd September 29th 2017, an amateur  radio contest in "clear" (e.g. : with messages in plain text exchanged via Radio) will take place, during which the Activating Stations will make known the event taking place on September 30thst;

Step 2 :On September 30th, , the Activating Stations and the other participating amateur stations, having applied  and registered themselves on the official event website
www.enigma-reloaded.it (list B), will exchange each other messages in CW mode (Morse Telegraphy), previously  encripted  by a real or emulated Enigma machine. The coordination of the event has been appointed to A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club. 

As in the past editions, and in compliance with the Italian Code of Electronic Communications ruling the amateur radio, namely Article. 134 of the  Legislative Decree n. 259/2003 and following amendments, due notice and  public evidence of the message will be given in advance  on the official event’s website :
www.enigma-reloaded.it.  This way, the content of the encoded message and the settings of the  encripting Enigma machine will be made of public domain and known, resulting in a  transmitted  message being “pseudo encrypted”, that is, in clarified code, and therefore  intelligible to anyone listening on the air simply accessing to any Enigma emulator available on the Internet.

The list of the Internet Websites where the Enigma emulating softwares and the relevant instructions for use can be downloaded will also be published on the net.
A legal permission  for the event running in the current year has already been released by  the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.



The official event website is www.enigma-reloaded.it, where  all relevant information  related to the event and the final score ranking will be published.
The Technical Naval Museum will play the role of general coordination and governance  on all co-organizers, will lead the organization and the realization of
 The Cultural Association “Rover Joe” will define the settings of the ciphering machine and will  supply a real Enigma machine for the Radio amateur station located at the Maritime Technical Museum.
The ARI Fidenza Radio Club will define the amateur radio procedures and will manage the official event’s  website, acting as collector of all relevant information.
All other participating groups will collaborate in the promotion and management of the event, in close cooperation with the Technical Naval Museum for the general aspects and with ARI Fidenza Radio Club as the amateur radio activities concerns.
A.R.M.I. will be responsible for the score calculations and for the ranking list, as well as  for realizing the graphic certificate’s layout. A copy of the participation certificate will be sent electronically to all participants upon request.
To the top three winners of each category, a  special certificate will be sent  electronically.

Italian and foreign Amateur radio stations  who apply for  being registered as "Activating stations” will ensure the activation of their radio stations  from September 22nd  th to September 29th   2017, in order to allow to the participants getting their scores for the final ranking (see
Contest rules).

On September 30th,  the final event’s day, the exchange of messages in telegraphy mode (CW) will take place between the Activating Stations and the participating amateur radio stations officially subscribed on the official website www.enigma-reloaded.it. (List B)
The body of the messages to be exchanged  will consist of :
Name of the official event’s website, followed by the phrase  "European Researchers Night" and the acronym of the rotors and riflessors used (A, B or other).

An encrypted text will follow, beginning  with the word in plain text "start” in capital letters, followed by the  coded text "EVENT ENIGMA 2017 - INTERNATIONAL – FOURTH  EDITION ITALY", followed by 55 characters, grouped in 11 groups of five letters each in mode PARIS, and ending with the word in "end" in plain text, as in the following example :
www.enigma-reloaded.it - ​​European Researchers' Night - xyz rotors
where the only part in clarified code will be the one written in upper case in the example given above.

The event of September 30th  will end with a greeting and thanking message in plain text, sent by the organizers to all participants and listening stations.
The organizers warmly invite all involved parties and institutions to give public evidence of the event directlyto their contacts and reference sites, during the whole duration period of the event.
All Activating Stations are invited to organize seminars, conferences and public lectures on the Enigma machine, its history and encryption, indicating on the official website the locations where they will take place.